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Cinnamon Apple Foil Packets

Fall is here – the days are getting shorter, air is crisp, the furnace is kicking on. What better time to go…camping??  Okay maybe not for most of us.  It might appear the timing on this post is askew. But lets look at it another way. What better time to make a fire in the fireplace!

If you have  fireplace, or even an oven, you can still make this fall dessert – after all, the apples are just ripe.  A quick word about baking apples.  Apples come in so many places on the sweet or  sour scale, so the apple you use will affect the taste of the dessert. I recommend using a less sweet apple for this, just like a pie, no honeycrisp or ginger golds.

For those of us looking to reduce our aluminum intake – try parchment paper liners in the foil, just be sure you don’t heat the foil to more than 420 Degrees F.  This is accomplished by not using direct flame but coals.




sugar or stevia (optional)

margarine (optional)

Directions: Cut apples into large chunks.  Place a large square of foil on table and place the cut apples on foil. Sprinkle with cinnamon.  Place butter and sugar on apples if desired. 


Place apple chunks on foil.


Tear another piece of foil the same size and place on top of apples.  Fold edges of both foil sheets together.

Place foil on coals or on grate near flame but not in it or on it.  The flame will scorch the foil, and the food, and it won’t cook right!

Check after 10-15 minutes, they should be cooked but not mushy.

Open and Enjoy! These are a great treat while camping, but also good for kids to make in the oven, or in the fireplace if the power is out!

For an extra special treat, take a graham cracker and put a few apple bites on it.  Almost like an apple pie!



Hello world!

This blog  inspired by – camping!

With the fabulous invention of gas camp stoves and RV’s,  most people can eat the same food camping as they do at home. But why?  It seems as long as we are outdoors connecting with nature we feel the need to eat “camping” food, whatever that may be. Hot dogs and s’mores aside, I’m fresh back from a camping trip and ready to share!

On this page you’ll find food made either in/on a fire or with the use of 2 pots max – and no ovens!  I like the fire food myself, a little like really roughing it, as long as you don’t forget your sharp knife and tin foil 🙂